What We Do

Establishing Excellent Behavioral Health Programs

Horizon Health manages the day-to-day responsibilities of running your psychiatric program so you are free to focus on your hospital’s core services.

At Horizon Health, we have refined our programs, services and systems to ensure quality outcomes in all areas of hospital-based psychiatric care. When you work with Horizon, expect to receive significant benefits unmatched by any competitor.

A customized program to fit your hospital’s goals, culture and community.

There are no cookie-cutter psychiatric programs offered by Horizon Health. Every program we introduce is based on your unique needs. There is no charge for our initial analysis and recommendations. You choose the specific resources you need.

We offer behavioral health services for all ages, from children to seniors, including inpatient, traditional outpatient, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs.

We offer geropsychiatry, an important emerging specialty of behavioral health focused on treating the nation’s fastest growing population.

Our adult psychiatry offerings institute best practices in treating individuals 18 and over.  Horizon’s specialized child and adolescent psychiatry programs are focused on treating individuals under 18 years of age.

Experienced professionals who can launch your program successfully and maintain excellence.

Horizon Health recruits the most proven, respected psychiatrists, medical directors, clinicians and staff available to ensure compliance to the highest ethical and regulatory standards. Our recruiting, training and management practices are considered by many to be the benchmarks for excellence in behavioral health management.

We maintain a large pool of tenured national, regional and on-site staff, solely focused on behavioral health services. Our staff includes experienced operations, clinical and marketing professionals.  We extend our resources through a large network of experienced psychiatric care professionals who remain accessible to us via our investment in state-of-the-art technology. You will not find a more competent behavioral health management team.

Custom-tailored clinical services resulting in positive outcomes, patient satisfaction, improved reputation and a growing bottom line.

Program Development & Oversight

Horizon Health is the recognized expert in clinical program development and oversight. Our program development teams have the experience and knowledge to assist you in designing or renovating your facility to meet the latest environment of care standards. Horizon’s services include:

-  Certificate of need, licensure, certification and accreditation support

-  Regulatory compliance, risk management, systems and survey preparation

-  Outcomes measurement tracking and management

-  Crisis prevention training

Furthermore, to ensure personalized, quality patient care, our multi-disciplinary team focuses on the unique needs of your patients, encouraging family involvement during treatment and as part of our comprehensive discharge planning process.

Professional Market Review, Planning & Execution

Your success with Horizon Health begins with strategic planning to achieve your hospital’s specific financial and operational goals. We create a comprehensive referral development and tracking system, via HorizonPlus™, based on the unique needs and make-up of your community. We also provide a community education and support network, including an extensive library of promotional and educational resources to extend your reach and impact.

Transparent, Responsible, Comprehensive Financial Management

To ensure program viability, Horizon Health will conduct an initial financial and reimbursement analysis along with periodic reviews throughout the course of the contract term. Our services include billing consultation, assistance with payor appeals, as well as regular updates on state and federal regulatory and reimbursement changes. In addition, our “what if” financial modeling capabilities can assist you in planning and fine-tuning your hospital’s psychiatric program for maximum financial impact.

Operational Best Practices

Horizon Health will provide you with complete staff guidelines and recommendations. Our experts will remain available to assist you with resource management and recruiting, compliance oversight and risk management, technical assistance in unit design and physical plant, and regularly scheduled operational reviews to evaluate progress toward program goals and objectives. We can even help you develop emergency department assessment services to promote safe, effective and efficient management of psychiatric patients.

Expect improved clinical outcomes with Horizon Health.

At Horizon Health, our focus on demonstrated clinical outcomes is unique in the industry and supports your program quality, patient satisfaction and financial performance. Using a systemized approach, we provide objective information to management, medical teams, referral sources and third-party payors, helping your behavioral health program garner trust and build reputation. What’s more, our commitment to outcomes measurement provides valuable support for ongoing program improvements, and satisfies regulatory and accrediting requirements including HBIPS and IPFQRs.

How can Horizon help you grow your behavioral health program?

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