Who We Are

Leaders in Behavioral Health Management

Choosing a behavioral health management partner is a major decision. Your patients will depend on the quality of our services. The integrity of our work will echo throughout your community. Your stakeholders will expect a return on investment. Choose wisely. Choose Horizon Health.

Horizon Health is a behavioral health management company that builds, manages, and improves psychiatric programs within hospital settings. No other behavioral health management company has as much experience or a greater track record of success than Horizon Health.

Over the past three decades, we have established the best practices, policies, procedures, education and training to help you ramp up quickly. Our ability to improve outcomes is well-documented, evidenced by a 90% renewal rate over our company’s history.

Every Horizon Health psychiatric program is customized to serve our client hospital’s unique needs, cultures and community demographics. We are committed to integrating with hospital staff and systems.  Our operating philosophy is centered on measurable results and a foundation of excellence.

Excellence in personnel.

Horizon Health’s recruiting model is proven, attracting the “best-of-the-best” physicians, program leadership, and clinical staff. Our training, education and resources support the highest standards, raising the effectiveness of all team members and associates. Our salary, benefits and incentive programs promote growth and retention, creating program stability.

Excellence in clinical care.

At Horizon Health, we pride ourselves on creating a safe environment for employees and patients alike. We manage to survey-readiness, ensuring compliance through an intense commitment to best practices and outcomes; monitoring patient progress from intake to discharge. When you establish a Horizon Health behavioral health program in your institution, you can rest assured that the specific needs of your patients will be met with great care and consistency.

Excellence in financial results.

Horizon Health will establish a unique program based on your business objectives, using pricing and pro-forma models that are state-of-the-art, accurate and reliable. Once implemented, your Horizon Health operations team will communicate the performance value to you clearly and regularly.

We will effectively market the program within the hospital and to the community, always seeking to build awareness, trust and census. Horizon will ensure that medical documentation satisfies all regulatory requirements and is based on best-practice methodologies.

Our mission is to exceed your expectations and build a lasting partnership with you by consistently delivering exceptional customer service, personal integrity and commitment to quality service.

Horizon Health’s primary focus is to exceed your expectations.