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Contribution Margin

To find out how partnering with Horizon Health could potentially increase your contribution margin, give us a call. It’s a simple, no risk, conversation to determine if there’s a mutual fit.

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The Power of One

An increase in Average Daily Census of 1 typically increases contribution margin by roughly $100,000.

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The CQI+ Outcomes Measurement System provides  outcomes monitoring and  comparative benchmarking  that supports clinical improvement, referral development, accreditation and regulatory compliance.

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Risk Management

Horizon will implement best practices to help reduce risk.

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Referral Base

Horizon marketing strategies specialize in building a broad referral base.

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New Program Assessment

Does your implementation strategy adequately address market dynamics and financial risks? Take our assessment below.

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Existing Program Assessment

Is your program clinically, financially or operationally under-performing? Take our assessment below and see how your program stacks up.

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